A lunchtime treat.

I thought I would do a blog post about a lovely place that we like to go to, to have lunch. I particularly like this place as it is super delicious and one of the most Slimming World friendly places I have found.

It’s called ‘Blends ‘ and it’s a lovely coffee shop/cafe in Ipswich Town centre.


They do really yummy jacket potatoes which is what I always have. They do lots of toppings including cheese which you can have as your healthy extra A (HEX A), beans, roasted ham, pesto chicken etc.

Yesterday I had pesto chicken and it was really fresh and tasty. I only had to syn the pesto and since it’s not smothered in it this isn’t too synful at all. As you can see the portions are great too.


The butter comes separately so you can add this at your own discretion, also great for Slimming world AND it comes with lots of salad! I don’t usually eat the colslaw as this is hard to syn.

They also do a variety of sandwiches and fillings, you can choose wholemeal bread which is great if you’ve saved your Healthy extra B.


They do tea/coffee which is also great if you have saved your HEX A for milk and diet cokes/lemonade. It’s so yummy and a great price too.

Definatly worth checking out!

Until next time,Β 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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