Wedding update no9

So here it is, wedding update number 9! Time is going so quickly. It is currently the Easter Holidays as I write this and the day the holidays end (April 11th) there will be exactly 2 months until the wedding.



We sent the invites out a little while ago now and are slowly but surely getting replies back from our guests. It’s so exciting I can’t wait to check the postbox every morning to see if there are anymore in there! 

Seating plan

This leads me to the seating plan,  now that we are getting an idea of who is coming I had a go at arranging the seating plan to give myself a rough idea. We are having 12 tables so the main issue was evenly spreading guests (7/8 per table) between these tables and keeping certain people/families/friends together as much as possible. 

I know this will probably change a few more times before the big day but I feel like I’ve got a little head start at least.

Penultimate dress fitting

So I had what was supposed to be my last dress fitting last Tuesday 29th March. Mum, Sarah, Noah, Roxy and Tim’s mum Joy came along. It was really lovely to try my dress on again and see how it looked now that it fits me!  
I was really pleased with it and I got to choose my veil and tiara this time too. I didn’t go for anything too over the top and fussy as I didn’t want to detract from the intricate decoration on the dress. 

There was a bit of a gape at the back of the dress and the hook and eye wasn’t staying shut so they have taken it back to tweek those bits and replace the hook and eye with poppers. The veil and tiara are safely stored at my sisters house and hopefully after my appointment at the end of April I can take the dress away and it can join them,  EEeeeek!! 



Now recently I found a lovely idea to add a personalised touch to each table at the wedding, this idea of course came from Pinterest.

I cannot stress enough how important (&fun/inspiring/exciting) it is going on Pinterets when you are planning your wedding. A wedding planning must I’d say.

So, back to the idea. I am making some special boxes, one for each table at the wedding breakfast for guests to take a look inside. I won’t reveal too much about what is inside as it will spoil the surprise for anyone reading this who may be coming, but I just love the idea and it was super easy to do. 

I popped into town this morning to grab the bits I would need and then made a start on them when I got home. I managed to make half which is great. Super easy, quick and so effect! 

I love making things and am so pleased that I have been able to make so many elements of the wedding and decorations by hand! It makes it so much more personalised ♡

I also found these lovely items to decorate the venue with.


First up I got these super cute bird candles. These were in the Primark in Cambridge for only ÂŁ1 for a set of 2.

I got these mini milk bottles in Tiger also ÂŁ1 each and these will be great with freshly cut flowers in them.

Bar & corkage costs

Me and Tim had a meeting with the guys who run the bar at Wantisden  Valley,  this was really useful as it was great to meet them as they will be there on the day, they were able to let us know how the service would run AND they explained the corkage cost to us which made us realised that we could save some money on service and glassware costs, winner!

Make up trial
I have another make up trial with Demi next week which I’m looking forward to. We are going to try out all the things we have decided on in the last few sessions to get an idea of how it will look on the day/how long it will take etc.

Right, I think that’s all for now!

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

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