Primark beauty: Eyebrows

So, me and my sister have decided to do a series of blogs all about Primarks beauty products. Check out her first post for the series here.

They have a great and ever expanding range of beauty products ranging from bath products, face & moisturisers, make up, nails and more. In this blog I will be talking about their eyebrow products.



This brow pencil is great to start your look, it works really well to get the basic outline and shape that you want. It’s double ended with a brush and this is great for smoothing over the brow to perfect the shape.



This brow pallette is great for prepping the brow and filling it in. It comes with a brow wax to bring the brow together and then two brow powders of varying shades to colour the brow.


This little ‘Emergency’ brow kit is really great to pop in your handbag and comes with all the essentials for any brow based emergencies, but aside from that these are also great to use alongside the other products to create a great brow look.

The kit includes tweezers, a brow gel, a brow pencil and a brush.

I use the brow pencil to add defention and colour on top of the powder in any areas of the brow that might need it.

Here are some pictures of my brow look today using all of these products together.







I used these products to create an everyday brow look but they also lend themselves for more dramatic looks too.

I hope you’ve found this little insight helpful.

Be sure to watch out for more of our blogs, about all things Primark beauty in this mini series.

Me & Sarah

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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