Homemade banoffee pie.

It’s nice to have a treat every now and then and this is one of mine and Tims favourite recipes. We’ve made this for years but realised the other day that we havnt made it since we moved in together, over a year and a half ago! I was shocked because it’s soooooo good.


The Ingredients

1 tin of caramel
2-2 1/2 bananas
Half a pack of digestive biscuits
1 pot of double cream (we use Elmea)

The recipe


1. Pop the digestive biscuits into a sealed plastic food bag and crush into crumbs with a rolling pin.

2. Melt your butter slowly in the microwave. I don’t weigh out a certain amount I just melt a bit and add it gradually to see how much is needed.

3. Add the melted butter to the biscuit and mix until the biscuit is lightly coated in butter.

4. Press down into your tin/tray in an even layer and pop in the fridge to cool for up to 30 mins.


5. While the biscuit is in the fridge whip up the cream. Do this until it’s stiffer and holds it shape more. This is the topping.

6. When the buttery biscuit base is ready pop on the layer of caramel.


7. Slice up the bananas and place one slice next to the other, creating another layer.


8. Top with the whipped cream and pop back into the fridge to set nicely, for an hour.



Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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