Wedding update no 4! We’re in the year of the wedding!!

Now that Christmas is over and the new year has begun it’s full speed ahead with the wedding plans. I realised looking back that I havnt done a wedding blog post since November!! So I have a few things to catch you up on.

1. Invites


I’ve made huge head way with the invites now. After changing my mind about the design and going over a few ideas, I have now finished all the daytime invites (excluding the information inside) and around 10-15 of the evening invites.

My deadline for handing these out is February Half term, so just over a month away. It feels good to have got the majority made and ready to go.

2. Jewellry

I’ve brought myself some beautiful earrings from Warren James in town. They were originally ÂŁ59 but were reduced to ÂŁ19 in their sale.

I have a mini scrapbook of ideas and inspiration from Pinterest and a bundle of Wedding magazines that my lovely friend Livy kindly handed down to me, and there were a similar pair of earrings in one of the magazines so I stuck the picture into my scrapbook only on Thursday, so as soon as I saw the ones in the shop I loved them.


They are so pretty ♡

3. The rings

Me and Tim also managed to find him a wedding ring on Saturday during our little jaunt to town. It’s a lovely 4 mm White gold band. Very exciting!


I didn’t manage to find one for me but we’ve still got plenty of time 🙂 I need a wishbone ring to fit with my engagement ring so hopefully I’ll be able to find one I like.

4. Wedding make up

My lovely, and very talented friend Demi is doing my make up for the wedding and I had my first wedding make up trial last Wednesday. I really enjoyed it even if it did make me realise how clueless I am when it comes to make up haha.


It was nice to try out some of the make up looks I had in my scrapbook and see how they came out.

Demi used lots of her lovely make up on me, here’s what she used:


The foundation is YSL fusion ink. It was light when applied and didn’t feel heavy on my face at all.

The blusher was Revolution make up London. She used a pink tone for my cheeks.


The highlighter pallet is also a Revolution one.

The Mascara is by Benefit.



This lipstick is Illamasqa. We also tried out Dior Rouge Nude Swan Lipstick. I loved the colour of this one.

And here’s the final look (apologies for the close up of my face!)


Check out Demi’s make up facebook page ‘Demi Lauren’ and her blog which also has some great posts all about her make up and make up looks, tips and favourites.

I can’t wait for our next make up trial!

We have also brought some white wine for the tables, and set up our appointment for the notice of marriage, for half term. The notice of marriage is very important so I wanted to make sure we got that sorted ASAP! I will also be having my first dress fitting in February which I cannot wait for

so excited!!

It’s all go from now onwards and I thought it was rather fitting to post today as it’s exactly 5 months until the big day!! That doesn’t sound like much at all.

I’m really enjoying organising the wedding and I know it can be stressful at times but I keep reminding myself that I’ll only be a fiancee planning a wedding once so I might as well embrace every aspect of the planning process.

151 days to go!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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