Christmas eve part 2

This is Christmas eve part 2.

So, after a busy morning of baking I have really been looking forward to just chilling out and having some cosy festive fun at my sisters.

Firstly, we took a drive around Ipswich to see all the Christmas lights.Β  I love doing this each year on Christmas eve as it makes me feel really Christmassy.


After that we headed back to Sarahs for food and a chilax.


Sarah made us yummy halloumi wraps with lettuce tomato and sweet chilli sauce!

Noah was enjoying the chippies we got from the chip shop on the way home…


Sarah had also made us delicious christmas eve treats.


It’s a mug with a sachet of hot chocolate, some mini marshmallows and chocolate coins, yummy πŸ™‚


My onesie is on and we are planning on watching Eastenders and then Home alone. I’ve never seen it and it’s supposed to be a classic.

Before Noah went to bed we put out his things for Santa on the plate I made him…


What are you up to for Christmas eve evening?

In this blog I thought it would be nice just to mention that this is my last Christmas as a ‘Green!’

Its wierd to think that this time next year me and Tim will be married and we’ll be

Mr & Mrs Byford.

I’m so used to being Roseanne Green I can’t imagine being anything else!

It’s going to be wierd but it’s also really exciting!!

2016 is going to be our year β™‘

So that’s it! Blogmas is done. I’ve really enjoyed it, I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts too.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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