Blogmas day 5

Its Blogmas day 5! ☃️

comfy and cosy

Now I’m a fan of getting into my pj’s and comfy clothes as soon as I am home in the evening at any time of the year but, at Christmas as the winter draws in I love it even more. Here are my favorites for the festive month of December.


I got this two piece set a year or so ago from Sainsburys. They are super cosy and warm. I love the cute ears ^^


This is my reindeer onesie! Now I love a onesie, they are so comfortable and snug. This one was brought a couple of Christmases ago, from Primark, to wear as a festive costume for a night out. It swiftly became a staple to wear during the festive season for me and I even wore it for a couple of Christmas dinners with family!

Christmas 2013 Me, Dan and Sarah

and last but not least… The Christmas jumper!


I firmly believe that everyone should own a Christmas jumper. This is my Christmas jumper that I purchased from Primark last year ready for Christmas jumper day at work. We are doing this again on the 8th of December so that will be fun and festive!

I loved this one as soon as I saw it as it has lots going on.


It even has bells on it that actually jingle! So you can hear me coming when I’m wearing it. Such fun!

I also really like the Christmas lights in sequins, along the collar.


oh and don’t forget your Christmas hat/headgear!


So remember, don’t be afraid to be cosy at Christmas. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and gets you into the festive spirit!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂






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