Make up!

I don’t wear very much make up but there are a few bits that I really like to use so I thought I’d blog about them.

Now anyone that knows me, knows that I am a nail varnish addict, I have so many colours.


I usually go for Barry M ones as they do a great range of colours and I got this limited edition one free yesterday because I spent over £6.



It’s called Sparkling ruby, it’s a lovely red with a sparkle in it. It’s great for this time of year, very Christmassy!

The clear nail varnish you see in the picture next to the red nail varnish is Maybellines Forever strong Super Stay top coat.  It keeps the nail varnish on well and adds a nice shine.

I brought myself an eye shadow pallet yesterday as I don’t actually own one. Again, this is Barry M and it’s their Naural Glow 2 eyeshadow & primer palette.


The colours are lovely, light and neutral sowork well for lots of looks. The dark colours are great for the corners of your eyes.


This is my new Barry M ‘Cor Balmy’ lip balm.  I already have the Rosie lea colour which is a lovely pink. Yesterday I brought this colour which is called Current bun, its got a nice purple tonge to itm They are really nice as they are a lip balm but give a subtle colour to your lips and go on really nicely.

Two of my make up staples are Body Shops bb cream as this isn’t heavy like a foundation but gives a nice even coverage and it changes to match your skin tone. I also like to use a rosy blusher on the apple of my cheeks.

This is a picture of me and my twin sister Sarah at my friends wedding, I really like my make up in this picture. I used my favourites that I mentioned above and some of my sisters eye shadow to create this look.


Sarah knows alot more about make up than me so she’s my go to if I need any tips or advice.

Check out her blog all about her make up choices at:

Or look for Sarahs corner blog on WordPress.

Thanks guys, let me know what your make up must haves are!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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