Livy’s Hen party

So this weekend was spent in sunny London for my lovely friend Livys Hen Do.
It was organised by her bridesmaid Katherine and there were lots of us in attendance. Us, ‘the Ipswich lot’ were trusted with the task of transporting Livy safely to London where we all met up at the hostel where we were staying.


My yummy lunch at Liverpool street train station.

I’ve never stayed in a hostel before so this was a new experience for me!
The one that Katherine found was really good and as we had such a large group of us we had a whole room to ourselves, it was like a giant sleepover.

The first thing we did was get ready for the night ahead! As a group we had decided earlier to go with a Harry Potter Halloween theme (yay)

Me and Sarah decided to go as Weasley twins Fred and George!

Me and Sarah as Fred & George Weasley

We had so many different characters from Harry Potter himself, the ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, Hedwig, Fawkes, and loads of different witches, wizards, house elves and more!

Here are some pictures of the awesome costumes.

Lucius Malfoy & Bellatrix Lestrange

The ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw and Hedwig

Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, Moaning Myrtle and a moving portrait.

Livy’s mum very kindly offered to pay for all the ‘hens’ to have a yummy meal which was our first activity of the evening. We went to the Gourmet Pizza Company Southbank, it was delicious!



Once we were all fed and watered we headed over to the La Soiree!
La Soiree is a caberat show, which is lots of different acts. It was amazing! There was some technical difficulties due to loss of power from the Southbank centre but that didn’t stop us having fun. We were allowed to stay in our booths and watch the 10 o clock show as we had only seen two acts before we lost power and we got a free drink!





Some of the acts we saw were The English Gents who did balancing and acrobatics, a man who was double jointed and was able to squeeze through tennis rackets by manipulating his body, a singer, a man with his ‘sexy’ diablo, acrobats and much more!

We were there for 5 hours in the end and once the show was over we walked back to the hostel for more fun and games!

We stayed up till 4 in the end…


… well it was a hen party!

At 4 we decided we should probably sleep in order to be of any use the next day!

On Sunday we spent the day sourcing a yummy breakfast, walking along the Thames and having fun in the Namco Arcades!
By the London Eye
image My yummy breakfast!
image At breakfast with the bride!
image Guitar Hero at Namco.
image Mario Kart.
image The Shard.

It was such a FUN weekend and was lovely to meet all of Livy’s other friends and her family!
Super excited for the wedding in 3 weeks!!

image The Hens.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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