World Book Day 2023 đŸ“š

Hi guys! 👋🏼

Today is World Book Day. I mean everyday is Book Day for me haha.

As I work in a Primary School Setting I do love this Day simply for sharing stories and excitement around books.

Plus, it’s good fun to make a costume and dress up. My favourite part is reading to the children throughout the day though.

What could you do this World Book Day?

Get crafty and make a bookmark for you and or the kids.

Just enjoy a bit of quiet reading time with a new book or a favourite of yours…

Read to the kids! This is my favourite part of world book day at work ❤️📚

Try something new? A new type of book, a new genre. I have recently been enjoying the Heartstopper Graphic Novels which is not a book format that I usually read.

Read your favourite book ♡

Unfortunately I won’t have time today but, going to a local bookshop and treating yourself to a new book would also be an awesome way to spend it too. Especially if the kids have their book token too!

This year I have reused my Stick Man costume as I put alot of effort into making this last year so I thought I would get one more year out of it!

Whatever you do, I hope you have been able to enjoy a book and share that joy with somebody…theres nothing better ♡

What did you do for World Book Day?

What costume did you wear?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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