It’s a new year… ✨️

Hi guys 👋🏼

It’s 2023 and we are now one month in! Its absolute madness really.

All I can keep thinking is, it’s 3 years since 2020!!

Now this isn’t a list of my new years resolutions because in all honesty – making goals or resolutions puts alot of pressure onto things that might otherwise be quite enjoyable.

And then I saw this photo on Facebook…

I just think these are brilliant, monthly selfcare, positive, healthy ‘goals’ that keep you ticking over each month – It’s giving thriving not just surviving and I’m here for it.

So, now all I need to do is print this out and pop it by my bed in order to remind me… because let’s be honest, I never re read last years posts and forgot some of what I pledged (which is kind of annoying as some were great ideas, if only I’d been reminded of my good intentions!!)

And as it says at the top of this list ‘try’ to do these things, so… no pressure…

So, How did January go… ✌🏼

  • Plan a lunch with friends

I went for dinner instead of lunch as I am at work most days. I went round my friends flat for a lovely dinner in the middle of January.

  • Spend a day outdoors

Me and the hubby reinstated our walks this month so we have been doing a few, despite the cold snap. I feel like we have made a good start with this one, prehaps not a whole day yet but getting back to the walks has been great.

  • 24 Hours without Social Media

Not going to lie, I totally failed at this one 😬 I might as well be honest.

I’ll try again next month.

  • Have a Movie Night

I took this one a little more literally as I have had several ‘movie nights’ this month. Being an unlimited card holder I love going to the cinema as much as possible and I have just managed to fit in loads of trips this month, the best kinds movie nights. I have been with both my sister and husband a few times as we all have unlimited cards. I normally treat myself to a Starbucks and I took us along treats in the form of leftover Christmas choc. Perfect.

  • Have a day for yourself

I decided to use my afternoon off for my ‘me time’. I spent a couple of hours at my favourite local coffee shop reading our current Book Club book… followed by a trip to the cinema to watch ‘Empire Of Light’.

I really enjoyed the film and Olivia Coleman was brilliant as usual.

  • Write down your favourite memory of the month

So, here’s me writing that down… my favourite memory from January has been…

Going to the Zoo with my husband ☺️💗

How has your January been? What is your favourite memory?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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