Blogmas Day Two: Advent Calendars 📅 đŸŽ„

Hi guys! 👋🏼

Blogmas Day Two is here, December is under way! So let’s talk Advent Calendars.

Mines varies from year to year and I am a bit partial to a regular chocolate calendar – that scrunchy metal sound as you pop through the foil to get to the chocolatey goodness is just nostalgic happiness.

As a younger child I did also have a Material Santa Advent Calendar with pockets that my Mum would fill and those kinds are super cute too and perfect for picking exactly what you want in it.

Last year I picked up my own Material Advent Calendar… and its not just any Calendar, no! It’s a Harry Potter one – Amazing.


I love the little Hogwarts Letter Pouches with Hedwig at the top, it’s like he is delivering me a little festive treat everyday!

My husband very kindly bought me some Dairy Milk (the elite chocolate) Heroes (the elite tubs of chocolate) to go inside it, so it was nice to come home to see it filled with treats.

And now we have 25 days of waking up and eating chocolate firsr things- what a dream!

What Advent Calendar do you have?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

23 Days Until Christmas!

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