Italy 2022 🇮🇹 Visiting Venice.

Hi guys 👋🏼

Italy is our favourite country to visit and out of all of the places in Italy that we have been, Venice is my favourite.

If I could recommend one place for people to go – it would be Venice. It’s beautiful and so unique.

Shall we take a look at what we got up to!?

Day One


Being up for over 24 hours wasn’t the most fun 🙃 but it was worth it to really make the most of the first of our four/five day trip.

We arrived in Venice at about 10/10.30am and I was honestly in a bit of shock, my eyes genuinely couldn’t believe that I was actually there again.

Last time we visited Venice was for our first wedding anniversary!! in 2016.

And of course, a lot has happened since, including a two year long global pandemic (who the hell would have ever guessed that would be around the corner) so consequently we hadn’t been on a plane since 2019 when we visited Rome (another MUST SEE city for its Italian awesomeness, food and history.)

My brain couldn’t comprehend that we were actually there, in the beautiful city of Venice – Honestly, at the real height of the pandemic I really did have those thoughts of ‘What if this is it? What if we can never leave this country again? Was our last holiday our LAST holiday for the foreseeable future?’

It really was a crazy time wasn’t it!!?

So to actually be back on Italian soil, in my most favourite country was so special and I am so very grateful that we got to visit it again.

We wandered around before checking into our lovely hotel (we always stay at the same one) and freshened up. We basically did lots of exploring and wandering around (to find pizza).

Day Two


On our second day in Venice we did a walking food tour. We have done one of these before so, being seasoned visitors to Venice, this time my Husband created his own walking food tour (with the assistance of Trip Advisor).

It was really fun and nice to try out some different spots. We visited the most amazing Gelato shop. The flavours were insane. Our particular favourites included the ‘Opera’ which was hazelnut and chocolate, the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Pistachio and Amaretto Cherry.

We visited our favourite place for dinner ‘Al Bari’ which is situated just behind our hotel. I have SO missed the food here. It was amazing.

Absolutely INSANE 😍

Day Three


Having wandered around many times over the last few days we discovered that Venice has a Natural History Museum which we hadn’t visited before.

With the addition of a English Speaking Audio Guide we really enjoyed all of the different exhibits. It was cool to find something we hadn’t done before.

We decided to get some food from some of the little eateries that we had passed on our walk, on day one, on the opposite side of the canal to our hotel. There were lots of yummy things to try and it was cool to have a bit more of a look that side of the canal.

In the evening we played some games and went on a nice little stroll around the canals, it was fun to just wander and see what we would find around the corner. I then did my usual early evening routine of sitting outside the hotel, right on the Grand Canal and reading my book as the sun set. Heaven.

Day Four


Our final full day saw us take a lite adventure down the canal to one of the furthest points, St Marks Square! (Via Rialto) so that we could enjoy the amazing view from the bridge properly.

It was cool to go to St Marks again, we enjoyed a nice stroll around the whole square, in the hot sunshine.

The weather has been amazing.

Day Five


This was our final ‘day’. We had our flight to catch at around 2pm so we only really had until midday to spend in Venice.

We decided to head to Academia Bridge as we hadn’t been for a while, maybe even missing it out on our previous trip a few years back.

As we wandered around we discovered a little ferry that will take you across the canal, which is cool. So we have managed a ‘Gondola’ ride every time we have been now 🤣 I mean, it was a less fancy one and was definitely less than 5 minutes but, we’ll count it haha.

We had a great time in Venice, and as I said it is my most favourite place to be. A great start to the summer of 2022 ☀️

Have you been to Venice? Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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