Harry Potter Birthday Haul âšĄ

Hey guys 👋🏻

So, its finally happened – I’m in my 30’s 🎈

It was our 31st Birthday earlier this month and I thought I would share with you some of the cool Harry Potter bits that I got given.

Let’s go!

Some of these recipes look super cool – I do love baking so fingers crossed I can do them justice. They will be fun to try nether the less.

These two items were on my list, from my husband. The Triwizard tournment top is really cool and understated and I love that you can choose your Hogwarts house (Gryffindor ofc) and get your name on the back.

The fourth HP film is one of my faves too.

I also loved this little Niffler badge, its so pretty and cool! Plus, Nifflers are adorable.

Have you seen the new Fantastic Beasts film?? It’s great!!

I also got this cool illustrated copy of the book ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’. I love these illustrated versions, they are such a cool item to add to my collection.

The illustrations are beautiful and I find them way more interesting to read than the originals now 😂

And finally, I got a really cool Hogwarts house towel. This is ideal for when I go swimming at my local pool.

Fun Fact: My Hogwarts House on Pottermore, last time I did the quiz, was Ravenclaw.

You can’t beat a little HP Haul!

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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