Book review 📚

Here is my April Book Club Book Review.

The Hunting Party By Lucy Foley


A group of old Oxford friends celebrates their annual reunion at a lodge in the remote Scottish Highlands. With an impending blizzard on the way, the nostalgia ends abruptly when one of them is murdered.


•Friendship •Jealousy •Betrayal


•Short Chapters, my favourite kind • Very gripping, interesting Chapters •You learnt lots of new information about the characters here and there which added to the twists and turns of the book – and there were a few!!


•There are a lot of different characters that make up the friendhship group, in this story. It got a little confusing at the start remembering who was married to who, who was bestfriends with who, how did they meet etc. I made lots of notes on the back page of the book.

Would you recommend it?

Yes / No 👍🏻

Rating out of 5 Stars?


Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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