Bookcase tour 📚👉🏻

Hi guys 👋🏻

So, I started the new year by giving my bookcase a little reshuffle.

Here are the different shelf arrangements…

1. The Harry Potter Shelf

This is obviously a must 🤪

It’s a mixture of my copies of the book series as well as other illustrated versions and books about the wizarding world and films.

2. The tbr Shelf

My ‘to be read’ (tbr) shelf is all of the books that are on my list to read. It’s rather extensive at the moment – who else has a problem with being unable to stop buying books?! 🤪

It’s got quite a nice mix of different genres to choose from, from easy readers, Thrillers, Autobiographies, Novels, Romances, Fantasy etc.

3. Recommendations Shelf

This shelf is my go to when anyone asks for a recommendation. I get asked for recommendations quite a bit so they are handy to grab.

4. My Favourites Shelf

These books are some of my alltime faves. Most I have read more than once.

Some of my favourites include ‘Bridget Jones’ – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – ‘Animal Farm’ – ‘The Land of Stories Series’ and ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.

This one kinda spills onto two shelves – special mention to Heidi Swain whos books almost have a whole shelf to themselves now haha.

5. My Childrens Book Shelf

Working with Children as well as being an Auntie means that I can appreciate a good picture book. I have some classics as well as just random ones I have picked up on the way. These are a mixture of Fiction and Non Fiction.

I love colour co-ordinating my shelves too, I have done this with my ‘tbr list’ as there is quite an array of different books and covers.

This always looks pretty cool.

How do you organise your bookcase?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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