Blogmas Day Twenty One: Harry Potter themed stocking fillers ⚡

4 days to go!!

Now that the holidays are here and its not long to go until the big day – here are some quick, fun and easy Harry Potter themed stocking filler ideas (great for kiddies & adults alike)

Tesco, £4.99
Funko Suprise boxes, Amazon £5
Assorted HP themed chocs, M&S from £3
Earring Bauble, Argos £9.99
Jewellery, Argos from £10
Assorted HP decorations, Primark from £1
HP Poppit, Claires £4.99
Assorted HP Socks, Primark
HP Dobble, Amazon £8.99
Colouring book, Amazon £7.99
A Harry Potter book! Available in most books shops – Also on Amazon! £7.99

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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