Harry Potter Geek Gear Haul âš¡

Hi guys 👋🏻

So, late last year I got an awesome glass cabinet for all of my Harry Potter Merch!

If you’ve been around here before (or you know me) you’ll know that I’m a massive Harry Potter fan.. ⚡

So this is very exciting!! Any Potterheads on here!?!

I will be doing a post on here, of my HP Cabinet once it’s as I want it, so keep your eyes peeled for that 👀

Let’s get into the haul…

There was a sale on Geek Gear and I just couldn’t resist buying a few new bits that I didn’t have.

Mini Skele-Gro Bottle 💀
Umbridge Cat Plate 💝
Yule Ball Invite 🏰
Neville’s Remembrall 🌟
Hogwarts Crest Print ❤💚💛💙

I love that the items came packed in (what I assume is intentional) Weasley Wizard Wheezes coloured packaging 👌🏻

I can’t wait to add these to the cabinet.

The print is going up in our room, with our other ones.

And I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more cool HP merch, because now I have a cabinet I can never have too much haha 🤣🤣

Have you guys got any cool HP Merch recommendations?

Or personal favourite pieces?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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