Blogmas Day Twenty Three: Homemade Christmas Cards đŸŒ˛

Hi guys! 👋🏻

I’ll just leave this here, just because….

It has to be done, every year.

So, I do try and make my Christmas cards every year and I have done for over 10 years now (Sayyyyy whatt, madnesss)

This year, with all the craziness I almost didn’t… but then I thought, let’s just scale it back a little, keep them simple and I just do it for my fambizzle.

So thats what I did… if you are family and are reading this, maybe don’t or your card might be on here 🤣🤣

I still had loads of festive paper left over so I used that as the main design as they are pretty ones.

My calligraphy leaves much to be desired but, be won’t worry about that.

I really liked the simple effect of using the gift tags as part of the design.

I actually really enjoyed making these again. I have utilised Moonapig this year, in order to send cards all over the place, so it was actually really nice to be making them again!

Prehaps I’ll get ahead for next year whilst I’m enjoying it and have more time. It’s nice to do things when you have the time to enjoy it and it doesn’t become a chore.

Right, I’m off to organise our round for the Festive Boxing Day Quiz (2020 stylyyyy obv)

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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