Blogmas Day Twenty: The Christmas Panto đŸŽ­

Well those 20 days have flown by!


I hope everyone is doing ok here, in the UK, after the Corona announcements yesterday.

But, let’s try and enjoy what festivity we can, safely.

& one of the things we’ve still been able to enjoy is one of mine and my husbands favourite traditions…

The Christmas Panto!

This years panto, which we would usually watch at our local theatre, was offered as a live stream.

As you can see, this year it was their adaptation of ‘The Snow Queen’.

There were still a few people in the theatre (Covid regs in place) but we watched it on the live stream, from the comfort of our own home.

It was a blended panto, so that it worked for both the in house people and those watching at home, and honestly it was really impressive.

The way they incorporated the videos and video montages into the show as well as special effects onto the screen during certain moments was really impressive.

Considering you weren’t actually there it really was a lovely, intimate and immersive experience.

They also added interactivity to the show which was fun.

The troupe was made up of only 5 people, which is alot smaller than usual, but they did a fantastic job (as always) and they still played their instruments live, (always a favourite part of ours) They are all so talented.

It was great to see some of the familiar faces from pantos past.

And, it was as hilarious, fun and silly as always!

We thoroughly enjoyed the show! With snacks & drinks in hand.

I’m so glad we could still enjoy this tradition. Theatre is one of our absolute favourite pastimes, we love watching a show whether it be in a small theatre or in the West End.

It’s such a valuable and important part both of the entertainment branch and of our lives, and I for one hate to see it struggle.

We added a donation to our ticket cost to help support our local theatre.

I also donated to the Theatre Support fund. I’ve left a link below for you to check out how you can help, and the cool ‘The Show Must Go On’ merch that they have available.

Theatre Support Fund

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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