Blogmas Day Thirteen: Harry Potter Decoration Haul âšĄđŸŒŸ

Hi guys 👋🏻

So, ever since Primark started selling Official merch such as Harry Potter, I’ve managed to pick up some really cool baubles at Christmas time.

This year I have bought some lovely clear baubles. They are a set of four and each has one of the different house crests printed on it. They are filled with gold glitter.

They look really pretty and go well with my red and gold theme.


At the Harry Potter Warner Bros tour in London, last weekend, I picked up some more decorations.

Let’s take a look…

They sell ribbon that comes in four colours, one for each house.

I went for Gryffindor as that’s my favourite house.

You can use it to either drape around the tree as tinsel or tie it to make little bows, to decorate your tree.

I went for bows.

I also picked up a couple of other baubles, at the tour.

I went for a couple of Gryffindor themed ones.

I really had to hold back because there were so many awesome ones.

I went for a red Gryffindor bauble with a lion topper.

This is really cool.

I also picked up one of the stain glass effect house shields.

Gryffindor of course. I think these are really pretty and were probably the most reasonably priced ones tbh.

A great little stocking filler for any HP fans. They are available in the fours houses too.

The final one I picked up was this…

It’s a general Harry Potter one. Its has a ‘H’ for Hogwarts on a little Crest, with a Hogwarts silhouette, on the front. It is a clear bauble, so it goes nicely with the Primark ones I bought (mentioned above).

It is filled with little shavings of confetti that are the house colours.

Super pretty.

They did have a Hogwarts castle in a snowglobe style, which I kinda wish I had bought, but it looked rather heavy.

They also did some other more specific ones such as the little Yule ball outfits.

They had a Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry Crest topper, for the top of your HP tree… again very tempting but I have another idea for the top of mine, that I used last time I embarked on a HP tree.

Check out tomorrows Blogmas post to see my finished HP tree, complete with these baubles and decorations on it.

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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