Blogmas Day Twelve: A festive, but productive day ðŸŽ„🛍🛁

So, here we are! Day Twelve.

Today has been both festive, productive and fun.. my kind of weekend in the run up to Christmas.

Me & hubby had a little lazy start, followed by a yummy breakfast because there is no better way to start a weekend.

After that I went Christmas shopping with my sister, which was fun!

And we well and truely shopped until we dropped.

But, I managed to get the everything that I needed!! Which is awesome.. I mean, I nearly lost an arm under the weight of my bags, but its all good because the Christmas shopping is done!

When I got home from town I had a nice, relaxing, festive bath.

Gotta love a Lush Festive Bath product.

This one smells so good and is a reusable bubble bar! ‘Elfie Stick’

It was so nice to chill after a fun but hectic time in town.

Feeling refreshed, I have now spent the evening sorting out what I bought, wrapping some more presents.

Super festive!

I’m now about to start decorating our second tree… because I decided one was enough and so I grabbed another one today, in town.

What’s your idea of a fun, festive day?

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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