Day in the life🌿

Hi guys 👋🏻

Over on my Instagram (roseannesblog) it was decided, via a poll, that my next blog post would be my ‘Day in the Life’

I am going to do a Part One and a Part Two, a mini post for each one.

Part One : Quarantine DITL

Part Two : Back to Work DITL


6.30 am Get up! (Begrudgingly) and do our ((Bounce)) trampoline workout.

7.15am I make my breakfast smoothie after ((Bounce)) and I either drink it as I get ready or I leave it in the fridge to take to work with me.

I try and pop something into the slow cooker before I leave for work. I am loving it as it saves any faffing when I get back from work.

8.30 am – 3.30pm Work, Work, Work!

4pm Once I’m home I get changed into my Pjs or comfies.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!!??

I usually use this time to wind down a bit. I’ll watch a bit of TiKTok, read or watch some tv with a snack.

6 30pm Dinner.

Some meals we have been loving recently are Mexican dishes such as Nachos or Tacos. We’ve also been loving sausages, burgers and BBQ chicken.

8pm onwards

I usually do either a guitar lesson or a little bit of practise at this time. I don’t always do a full lesson, it just depends on my mood.

I also either read or play/chat on House Party with my sister.

11pm onwards Bed time 😴

I probably should go to bed earlier but I’m so rubbish at it, I can’t switch off. Plus, the lockdown got me in bad habits as I didn’t have to get up the next day at a particularly early time.

I usually read or listen to podcasts before bed. I try to limit my screen time.

At the moment I’m listening to the ‘Showmance: Glee recap edition’ podcast with Jenna Ushkowitz & Kevin McHale.

This is awesome, especially if you are a fellow gleek.

I have just finished ‘The Switch’ by Beth O’Leary which is awesome! I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a book to read.

What have you guys been up to in the evenings since we can’t go out?

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