Day in the life🌿

Hi guys 👋🏻

𝙳𝚊𝚢 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎 𝙿𝚝 𝟷

Over on my Instagram (roseannesblog) it was decided, via a poll, that my next blog post would be my ‘Day in the Life’

I am going to do a Part One and a Part Two, a mini post for each one.

Part One : Quarantine DITL

Part Two: Back to Work DITL


8am Wake up

I usually use this time to scroll through social media, watch YouTube Video’s or Tik Tok and generally wake up.

9.30 ((Bounce)) Workout

This is a 45 minutes trampette exercise class that we usually would do, in the evenings, at a nearby venue. They have moved to online classes during the quarantine and we bought a trampoline each.

It’s great fun & a good workout. We have been doing this 5 days a week.

10.15am Wash and get ready for the day.

(Usually leggings & a hoody or Pyjamas, let’s be real)

10.30am Phonics with my Nephews via Skype.

I work as a Learning Support Assistant in the Early Years class of a Primary School so I was happy to do this for both their (and my) benefit whilst we were unable to be at school! I don’t wanna get too rusty!

11.15am Skype chats & hanging out

Whilst we do this I usually write my to do list for the day. At this point I would also either make some breakfast or brunch depending on how hungry I’m feeling… accompanied by a cuppa of course!

12pm I would usually sit in the sunshine by our double doors playing a bit of Animal Crossing whilst I watch Golden Girls or Glee.

The weathers been amazing.

1pm Work stuff/courses etc on my laptop.

I usually either listen to music whilst I do these or I have Glee on the tv in the background. I hate silence.

3pm Sorting out

Around this time I would do a general tidy round of the flat, hang up any washing, do a spot of washing up… all the fun stuff 🤪

4pm Guitar lesson online

I used the website ‘Fender Play’ to do my online Guitar lessons. I have really been enjoying these during lockdown and I’m pleased with my progress so far. My best achievements are learning chords, Hedwig’s theme guitar tab and the guitar riff to such classics as Salt N Pepa’s ‘Push it’ and MJs ‘Beat it’

5pm I would usually read or play some more animal crossing or go on my phone (thrilling stuff I know!)

6pm Dinner time!

8pm Skype quizzes or game sessions

I love quizzes! And we have been doing these loads during lockdown… we have even started a weekly family quiz on a Friday night.

Me, my husband Tim, my twin sister Sarah and her Husband Dan have been playing board games over Skype too. That’s been really fun and interesting to work out! Sherlock Holmes, a Cludeo style board game was the most interesting to attempt during a video call.

We’ve also played ‘Now that’s what I call Music’ the board game, Birds Names, Harry Potter Monopoly, Tension, Harry Potter Scene it and Big Bang Theory Cluedo.

10pm onwards

Usually I would either watch a film with Tim, read my book or go on my laptop.

I’m not gonna lie, my sleep has been so messed up in this lockdown. I go to bed so much later (or early, depending on how you view 1am/2am) and I’m not up as early as my usual 5.30/6am get up for work. Thank goodness for books and podcasts.

Until Next Time,

Roseanne 🙂

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