Blogmas 2019 Day Eighteen: Affordable Christmas decorations ðŸŽ…🏻

If you want to do Christmas on a budget, because let’s be honest, although we love the frills it’s all about the quality time, kindness and love that we share with our friends and family. Those are the things we remember.

But, that being said, I bloody love the decs! So heres a way to go full Christmas without breaking the bank, and we have Wilko to thank for it with their beautiful but incredibly reasonable Christmas decoration ranges.

I literally couldn’t choose between the cute tree decorations in this range (as it fits our Red, Gold & Green).

They would also make lovely gifts.

Alpine range

Polar Bear, £3

Wooden star tree, £3

Green metal tree, £2

Packs of 3 baubles, £4

Gingerbread biscuit car decoration, £1

Tree star topper, £2

Packs of plain coloured baubles, from £1

They have loads of different ones in different variety packs and sizes.

Sacks, £6 Stockings, £4

Pom Pom Garland, £1

Pom Pom Garland with bells, £6

Large bells silver and red, £1

I love this collection and it is one of a few that they have.

This one fits in perfectly with our red/gold/green theme.

They also have a icy collection that is lots of whites, silvers and blues, as well as a gold collection and a rose gold collection.

I have bought a few things from the alpine collection (I couldn’t resist!!) I also picked up a couple of the polar bears as I thought these were super cute and would be quite generic for any tree.

I’ve personalised these, with the year, to go into a few hampers that I’ve put together for family members.


Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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