Blogmas 2019 Day Ten: Visiting a Christmas market ❄

Hi guys!

Last weekend me and the fam all got together to visit a Christmas market.

It was perfect timing as it was the 1st of December, so a great day for a festive outing.

We all got on the train to a nearby town and walked into the centre. It was raining when we arrived, which was annoying, but we didnt let that dampen our spirits.

It had cleared up mostly by the time that we got to the stalls.

It was really fun getting the train as we don’t do it often! The kids loved it and it felt more festive somehow.

The boys had fun on the rides…

There was also a lovely brass band playing Christmas tunes, cute stalls with little handmade bits and bob’s, as well as food too.


It was the perfect weather for a warming hot chocolate and a browse.

A lovely, festive day out 🎅🏻

15 days until Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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