Blogmas 2019 Day Seven: Pretzel reindeer 🦌❤

Pretzel Reindeers

These are so cute!

Here’s what you’ll need…



○Red and/or brown smarties/MMs noses

○Edible eyes

○Non stick paper

○Baking tray

Heres how you make them…

○ First lay out your pretzels onto the paper (on a baking tray)

○Split a pretzel or use pretzel sticks to create antlers and place two of these underneath each pretzel, in position.

○Place rolos in the holes of the pretzels.

○Pop them in a low heat oven to melt the rolos.

○When the rolos start to go gooey you can take them out.

○Press the rolos down to spread out the gooey chocolate caramel over the surface of the pretzel.

○When its still melted pop a nose and eyes onto the reindeer pretzels to make the face.

(Make sure the pretzel antlers are pushed into the melted choc before you pop them into the fridge, so that they dont move out of position.)

I made a few with red Rudolph noses and a few with brown noses to make his pals.

○ Pop them into the fridge to cool.


These would be so fun to make with kiddies, as Christmas day treats or as cute little homemade gifts popped into a festive treat bag.

18 Days until Christmas!!

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne 🎅🏻

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