Blogmas 2019: Day Six Decoration shopping πŸŽ„

One shop that is doing amazing Christmas decorations this year is Matalan.

They have a great mix of traditional and more modern decorations.

They also have a real mix of the types of decorations that they sell, from small tree decorations, tinsel, wreaths, tall standing nutcrackers, centrepieces, table clothes, sacks, stockings and so much more!

It’s all really affordable too.

I’ll try and include as much info about prices etc as I can πŸ‘πŸ»

Let’s take a look!

I was literally in Christmas heaven browsing the aisles!!

Christmas throws, From Β£6

These look super cosy ❀

They had a selection of different themed throws from the traditional Farisle patterned ones as well as tartan ones, reindeer and christmas tree patterned ones and block coloured ones, in various Christmas colours.

Assorted coloured Christmas Stockings & Christmas sacks (Sacks Β£10)

These luxurious lettered sacks and stockings are really lovely.

Santa and Snowman stockings and sacks

I love these traditional stockings and sacks.

Super cute and great for traditionalists a kids a like!

Pine cone Christmas wreaths. Β£15

These are SO pretty.

They had circular red pine cone wreaths and White heart shaped pine cone wreaths. They also did feather wreaths.

Assorted colour tinsel

Because let’s be honest, theres not alot that’s more christmassy than row upon row of tinsel!!! 🌟

Assorted tree decorations.

These were sectioned off by colour/style, so you’d definatly be able to find something to fit your style/colour or theme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into Matalans Christmas offerings.

I love Christmas decoration shopping SO MUCH!!!

Ho Ho Ho

Roseanne πŸŽ…πŸ»

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