Blogmas Day 22: My cheese pastry Christmas tree πŸŽ„

Since I have done a few sweet recipes posts this Blogmas I thought I would share a super quick, and very easy savoury recipe with you.

It’s got a lovely festive twist in its appearance and is perfect for a Christmas buffet table.

This cheese pastry Christmas tree looks great on a party table, very festive and super tasty.

You don’t need much to make this recipe either!


β€’One or Two (Depending on the size you want to make) ready rolled puff pastry sheets. I used one for mine but for a buffet I would make a larger one using two sheets.

β€’Grated cheddar cheese

β€’Cracked black pepper

β€’An egg to brush over the top

Optional festive extras: Caramalised Onion Chutney or Cranberry Sauce.


Lay the puff pastry out flat and cut into strips that are 2cm wide. I made 11 out of one sheet.

Take a strip and push some grated cheese into the pastry. If you are having the chutney spread this onto the strips first then add the cheese.

Crack some black pepper over the top.

Roll the pastry up from one end to the other to create a pinwheel effect.

Put to one side and repeat with the other strips.

Once you have made them all arrange them as you see above, to create the Christmas tree.

Use some left over bits to create the pot and star on top.

Brush the pastry with a beaten egg and place it carefully into the oven until it is lovely and golden.

Serve & enjoy.

If you don’t add the chutney into the recipe you could serve it on the side for dipping.

Let me know if you had a go at this.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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