Blogmas Day Six: My Stocking gift guide 🎁

There are five essentials, in my opinion in order to create the best filled stocking. Each one working well with the others, resulting in a perfectly balanced Christmas stocking of dreams.

Obviously, this is just my opinion but the Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions at this time of year and one of my favourite things to shop for.

I will include a few options of items that I found for each category to help you out if you are a bit stuck.

1. Something cosy

Christmas is all about being cosy so this us very important. I always think cosy socks are a winner, those lovely fluffy ones are perfect. If not socks then maybe some gloves or a new wooly hat or scarf or a Christmas T-shirt to wear on Christmas day.

2. Something tasty

I usually opt for chocolate as you can’t go wrong really. Although of course you can taylor this to the person who it is for, picking up their favourite sweet or savoury treat. Chocolate coins or a chocolate santa are also a nice festive options

I love to receive a Terry’s chocolate orange in my stocking.

Some options…

  • Chocolate orange
  • Brussels sprouts shaped chocs
  • Chocolate coins
  • A Chocolate Santa
  • Chocolate reindeer
  • Their favourite sweets

3. Something to do

This could be anything but I think it derives from my childhood of having toys in my stocking haha. We always had something to occupy us until mum and dad got up. This could be a little game, maybe a puzzle, a dvd to watch, a book.

4. Something to pamper them with

This could be a nice shower gel, maybe a festive scented one? Maybe one they wouldn’t buy everyday. If they are a bath bombs fan like me you could include one of those or something simple like a face or hair mask.

5. Something fun

I think it’s always nice to have something silly in your stocking. This is dependant on the person of course but it just adds an element of fun. Last year I got my husband beard lights because he has grown his beard. They were a laugh and just a bit of fun.

I hope you find this handy and enjoy getting your Santa on when creating your stockings. Just have fun with it, you really don’t need to spend alot to make a great stocking

Happy Shopping

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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