Christmas market fun! ✨🎅🎆 Blogmas day 7

Hi guys!

At the weekend we thought that we would head to a local Christmas market. I love doing things like this and having little days out during the lead up to Christmas, they make you feel so festive!!

Me and Tim headed there with my sister Charlotte and our niece Evie-Mae. We arrived with three hours to spare before the lights got turned on so we took a little look around the market.

They had a few little stalls and obviously the town shops were open too so we also had a browse in some of those, for some Christmas decorations, and bits and bobs.

I picked up a few decorations because you can’t ever have too many can you!!??

It was quite chilly in the little seaside town so we headed for a refreshment break in Greggs.

A pastry or two, a cuppa and a biscuit later and we were ready to head back out.


The lights came on at five o clock. We were all wrapped up warm as we watched them being turned on and they had a few little fireworks too.

It looked really festive and the tree had lovely multi coloured lights on it. I really liked the lights as they were all quite colourful in yellows, reds and greens! The ones in our hometown have been made a bit more ‘up market’ and are white and gold, and although they are very pretty (& some look like giant snitches!!) I do love, what I would call, a traditional light display.

A fun, festive day out to kick off December!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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