Halloween fun πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

So, as we all know yesterday was Halloween! Good ‘ol October 31st πŸŽƒ

I did a few different things this year to enjoy this festival, It’s not something I particularly celebrate as such but it’s quite a fun festival to take part in, it’s a good excuse to get together/dress up etc and I love the spooky, dark atmosphere too.

On Saturday we had a family Halloween party…

Party food, spooky music, costumes, decorations, family, fun & pumpkin carvings too! 

The kiddies loved it (the adults too) and it’s a nice reason to all get together.

On Sunday, Me, my sister Sarah & her friend went to a Halloween event in one of our local parks. Its a paid for event but all proceeds go to a local charity. It was called ‘Whose scared of the park? After dark. For thr even they had volunteers hiding around the park ready to scare you.

The volunteers were dotted around a planned 5k walking course and they were dressed in brilliant costumes from creepy brides, chainsaw wielding madmen, nuns, clowns and more. It was a fun walk (cold🀀, but fun) and everybody dressed up and got into the Halloween spirit.

We decorated our faces to look like creepy, cracked faced dolls… 

This was so much fun to do and super effective. 

The final Halloween activity that I did this year was a trip to the cinema on Halloween night to watch a horror film, one of my fave genres of film.

We (Me & Sarah) went to our local cinema, as monthly cinema card holders its one of our favourite things to do and there are a few good horror films out atm, be rude not to see one on Halloween.

We went to see the latest film from the ‘Saw’ franchise called Jigsaw. I really enjoyed the film, it had a really good twist to the plot and aside from the gore (what did I really expect from a Saw film!!) it was easy to watch too.

I hope you enjoyed your spooky Halloween celebrations, whatever they were!

How do you celebrate Halloween? 

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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