Take That at the 02!! πŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

**Spoiler alert: This blog contains pictures of the show, if you havnt been yet avert your eyes**

Last night I went to see my favourite band ever, Take That,  perform at the 02 arena in London and it was awesome. This was my 5th time watching Take That live, in all their various combinations over the years (5 piece, 4 piece &  now as a 3 piece!) They are amazing live and they put on a FANTASTIC SHOW!! I can’t believe the first time I saw them live was 2009, 8 years ago!! So much has changed. 

They are hands down the best singers/performers I’ve seen live.

Their tour this time was called Wonderland and the sets were beautiful and really brightly coloured. Its like watching a theatre show and a concert at the same time.

Their stage was positioned in the middle of the 02 this time too which was fab and you had a great view of the stage wherever you sat. I have to say the height of the 02 is terrifying, truly! Especially when you have to shuffle past people to make it to your seat and there’s no barrier!! Ahh πŸ™ˆ

They did a few songs from their new album Wonderland as well as their previous albums since their comeback, as well as the classic 90s Take That (My personal fav πŸ‘Œ) 

One of my most favourite things about Take That concerts, other than how friendly everyone is, is those moments in certain songs when your all just united in enjoyment of a band that you all love, whether it’s waving your hands from side to side in unison for ‘Shine’ or clapping together for ‘Never Forget’ those moments when you and other people from all over the country (& possibly the world) are united are just brilliant. That’s something really special especially in recent times, I found this particularly poignant last night and it was a lovely feeling to once again be a part of the family of Take That fans. 

So here’s to another fantastic tour, long may it continue πŸ‘ #TTforever 

Who is your favourite band/singer? 

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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