Blogmas day 15! Beauty advent calender đŸ’‹

1o days to go until Christmas day!!

How exciting, the 10 day countdowns begun & it will soon be here before we know it.

I’m still not feeling great today which is so frustrating, I’ve missed a whole week of festive fun 😔 but best not to dwell, let’s take a look at my beauty advent calender today. 

As you’ll know from previous posts (Beauty advent calender) I have a beauty advent calender this year for the first time! In today’s window I got…

A mini compact mirror. This is so cute & super handy to pop into your bag.

It’s a lovely matte black finish with ‘Join the Revolution, Make up Revolution London’ written in rose gold/copper on the front. So cute.

What have you guys got in your beauty advents? What’s your favourite piece so far?

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne 🎅

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