Feeling festive πŸŽ„β˜ƒ Blogmas day 13

I am so glad I had pre written this post as I’m ill & couldn’t face it today! Horrah for pre planning. 

So now that we are just over halfway to the big day it’s important to make sure you are feeling christmassy! So, if your not what can you do? Look no further!

1. Christmas songs: These always put me in the Christmas spirit, you only listen to these songs around this time of year so they’ll hopefully bring back festive memories & who doesn’t love a good sing song.

2. Christmas shopping: I know this can be a bit stressful but if you choose when/where you go wisely it can be really fun looking for the perfect gifts & maybe a few christmassy bits for yourself.
3. And if your ahead with your Christmas shopping why not do some wrapping? This will save you time later and it always makes me feel super festive.

4. Blogmas, yeah it’s a bit late to start it now but why not read some blogmas blog post to get you into the festive spirit? I love reading other people’s traditions/thoughts & celebrations of Christmas.

5. Put up your Christmas decorations: Being surrounding by decorations, tinsel & lights will definatly make it feel like Christmas is on its way. Why not get a few updated decorations or additios to your tree, for this year?!

6. Write or make your Christmas cards: It’s good to send these off around mid December anyway and it’s like wrapping in that it makes your feel festive. Make sure you write a list first though, you don’t want to miss anyone out.

7. Christmas markets: These are so lovely & great for getting the family together too. They are really festive, super cute and can be great to pick up unique Christmas pressies. I got myself a lovely snowflake brooch from a market recently & it’s so pretty.❄

8. Make Christmas plans: Decide what you are going to do on the big day & afterwards (Christmas eve too) This will get you organised and excited, again get family involved & make lots of fun plans together.

9. Go and see a Christmas film or show: Every year me & Tim go and see the Christmas rock n roll panto at our local theatre. It always makes me feel super christmassy and they are so much fun to watch. There are always a few Christmas films out at the cinema around this time of year, failing that pop your favorite Christmas dvd on πŸ‘

10. Christmas baking: Grab a gingerbread cutter or a cupcake set and get baking. Your home will be filled with the delicious scents of Christmas and home baking, what more could you want?! And then there’s the taste testing afterwards of course. These are also great to share with Family & Friends. (Who doesn’t love a homade Christmas pressies? especially an edible one)

What makes you feel christmassy?  What are your Christmas traditions?

Today in my beauty advent calender…

Today I got this lovely bronzer! It’s a matte non shiny bronzer so this would be great to bronze & Contour too.

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne πŸŽ…

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