Beauty advent calender πŸ™ˆ

Yup I forgot to include my beauty advent pieces from the last few days! I’m so rubbish at remembering this haha.

So, on Saturday 10th December I got this lovely eyeshadow.

It’s a lovely shimmery creamy colour. This would look lovely all over the lid or with a more dramatic make up look. I wore this on its own today and it looked really nice. 

On Sunday 11th December I got another lipstick and this one is perfect for autumn/Winter time. It’s a gorgeous plum shade which I love (& recently got a lip Liner of, yay!) 

The colour of the packaging made me worry a bit to begin with as it looks like bright purple πŸ™ˆ but, when I swatched it I realised it was a lovely plum tone. Thank goodness for that haha.

These are such a good size for your handbag too & the packaging is lovely with the simple goldey/copper writing.

I promise I’ll try & be better at including these at the end of my posts from now on!!

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne πŸŽ…

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