Happy 1st blogging birthday πŸŽˆ

So today marks one year since I started blogging. 8th October 2015.

I was a bit cynical about it to start off with, who cares what I write about? Why bother? But I have really enjoyed talking about important events, my hobbies & favourites in my blog. 

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I started blogging to track the progress of our wedding planning and in 3 days time we’ll have been married for 4 months, it’s crazy how time flies but I’m so glad I have this blog as a memory of the process. I also like talking about things I enjoy and like!

& people do actually read my blog and ‘like’ it which is nice, I don’t do it for this reason but it’s nice all the same πŸ‘

So, why blog?

If you’ve thought about blogging but are unsure, here are a few reasons why you should! 

  • It’s fun! It’s really nice just to write about a day or activity that you’ve really enjoyed or a purchase that your really happy with. You can relive the day again when you read it.
  • Confidence. I was so worried about posting my blog as I was concious of what people would think about what I write, ‘Oh my God how lame’ ‘who cares what she brought in Primark!’ Etc etc  But once you’ve written a few and people view it or follow you, you realise that actually at least you’ve got the guts to put yourself out there and it’s not what others think that matters!
  • It’s free. And you can’t really go wrong with that! I really enjoy sitting down and planning what I’m going to write about, finding the pictures I want to use and any additional information that I’ll need. It’s a hobby in itself really.
  • It makes you think about your writing & coherence. I think this is something that slips once you leave school, if you don’t do a job that involves much writing, but I think once you are writing something you know others will read you take more time and care over it.
  • It keeps you connected. Blogging is a really good way to keep in touch with people and their lives. I realised this when I was writing about the wedding planning. I know that my Auntie & some of Tim’s family who dont live close by followed the blog to see how the planning was going. It’s a nice way for them to be involved even when they are far away! And even when you see people you don’t necessarily have time to mention the little things, so it’s a great way to keep connected and up to date.

If your thinking of starting a blog don’t let anything hold you back! Go for it πŸ‘Š

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

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