YouTuber products 🖲🛁🎀

Here are a few products from two of my favourite YouTubers Zoella&Tanya Burr.

Tanya burr cosmetics ‘perfect brows’ kit.

This powder eyeshadow kit is great. It has four colours;

  • Fairy cake: this is a lovely highlighter to apply under the filled brown.
  • Pebble: A light beige colour to fill in the brow.
  • Chesnut: A light brown colour to fill in the brow.
  • Hot Cocoa: A dark brown colour to fill in the brow.

I use ‘Pebble’ & ‘Chesnut’ mixed together when I do my brows, this palette is great! I don’t use ‘Hot Cocoa’ as its a bit dark for me but it’s a lovely shade.

Everyday flutter lashes.

I haven’t used these yet but they look really pretty. These half lashes have a natural, eye opening effect.

I went for the ‘everyday’ lashes as I haven’t worn flash lashes before so I thought these would be good for a first try, without being too much.

I’m going to watch some of Tanya’s videos to see how to put them on best!

I bought three different products from the Zoella beauty ‘Tutti Fruity’ range. This range is being discontinued soon so I thought I would try some out of it out before that happens, plus my sister Sarah loves this range and is always raving about how nice it is.

Zoella scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub.

280g £1.50

‘Buff your way to snuggly -soft skin with this fresh, fruity scrub. Enriched with Acai and blueberry this body Polish has a light, feminine fragrance to uplift and give you an instant burst of energy. With conditioning Cocoa butter -lovely scrubbly! 

Zoella Candy cream softening body lotion.

160ml £1

‘Treat yourself to this delicious fresh, fruity cream for a soft and silky body. Packed with bursting beads and extracts of Acai and blueberry to pamper and protect because your skin needs a bit of love too! 

Zoella ‘Kissy Missy’ lip balm.


This has a lovely pink tinge to it and makes your lips feel really smooth, not tacky. The colour is lovely and good for a quick pop of colour.

& from the New Zoella lifestyle range…

The ‘Homemade treats’ reed diffuser.

Softly whipped butter xterm and gooey salted caramel drizzled over home-baked cupcakes. Bring some indulgence to youe home with this delicious scent; (almost) good enough to eat!

It smells SO good!! And the description of buttery creamy, cupcake goodness is on point. It takes a few days to diffuse fully but once it does its so yummy.

I really hope Zoella brings this scent out as a candle soon, they are perfecting it atm so fingers crossed it will be soon 👌

This would make an amazing candle 🕯

Which Zoella or Tanya Burr products do you like or Recommend?! Let me know 🙂

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂 

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