Holiblog 4: Activities 🌞⛵

We really wanted a chilled out holiday for our honeymoon and have therefore spent alot of this holiday doing just that, perfect 👌  

But, we have also filled the time with other activities to break up the days and to make sure that we saw plenty of this beautiful country (Well the part we were in anyway)

Here goes…

So, as I said alot of chilling by the pool & swimming for at least a few hours everyday (it’s a hard life but someone’s gotta do it :D)

We went for walks around the hotel complex & the local area… 🏨👣

…Usually followed by a nice refreshing drink… 🍹🍸

…And a game of pool! 🎱

There was also great live music most nights courtesy of our hotel 🎶🎹🎸🎤

We went on an allday boat trip that took you over to Madalena Island, a must see area of Sardinia. We sat on the front of the boat, enjoying the views and sunshine, had a delicious lunch prepared for us, swam in the sea and saw some cool fish and dolphins. 🐠🐋🐚

By boat is a fantastic way to see Sardinia in all its glory. ⛵🌊

Exploring Madalena Island…

We spent a morning on the beach! 🌞🐚

And took the shuttle bus to Baya Sardinia to look round, do a spot of shopping and have some lunch! 🚐

We’ve had the BEST time ever 💗

I thought it fitting to write about our honeymoon as I started this blog when we began our wedding planning 🙂 💐

& this was an awesome part 💗

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂 

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