A Slimming World update 🍳

I thought I’d do a quick update on Slimming World since the wedding (Is she going to shut up about this wedding anytime soon? Probably not :mrgreen:)

I was maintaining for quite a while Pre wedding in order to fit into my dress and am chipping away at the weight I put on from the wedding/ the week after when I wasn’t very strict 😜 

This week I lost 1/2 a lb which you probably think was barely worth it but I had a bad  weekend (bad in terms of SW, great for my stomach) with Tim’s birthday celebrations so I was doing damage control this week, and as they say a loss is a loss after all!!

My current countdown is to this…

Our honeymoon 😍😍🇮🇹 Sardinia, Italy

Two weeks to go!!!

Two weeks to go means two more ‘weigh ins’. I’m hoping for two good loses in these weeks and there shouldn’t be anything in my way, fingers crossed.

My aim this week: 2lbs.
Next week is the last few days of term then it’s the summer holidays, so planning is going to be the key to success as well as…

– Lots of healthy yummy snacks

– Meals ready prepared 

– A list of foods that I can use my syns on

– Lots of speed foods 
Here’s hoping the week goes well, wish me luck!

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

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