Wedding update no 10 ♡

Excuse the long post but I haven’t done a wedding update for a little while as I’ve been so busy!! Here’s what we’ve been busy with…



On Monday 18th (April) the ladies who are creating my wedding flowers came round. They brought along my bouquet for me to have  a look at as well Tims buttonhole and two options for the bridesmaids bouquets.

It was great to see all my flower choices together in the bouquet and they were arranged beautifully! I’m really pleased with them, so much so I didn’t want to give them back!!

We will meet up at the end of May with the final bouquets and buttonholes finished. I can’t wait to see them once they are done.

Vows/ceremony choices

We have finally decided on all our readings and music for the ceremony and signing of the register.

We sat down together and chose our vows, we picked some that are the same and some that are different.  Yesterday I sent off our choices to the registry office so that they can start writing the script for our big day. It’s getting very real now!!

The wedding dress
I had my final dress fitting on Wednesday 20th (April). They had taken it in at the back as there was a bit of a gape and they replaced the hook & eye at the back with a popper to ensure that it stayed done up

I’m so pleased with how it looks, I was a little unsure with the shape last time but because they’ve taken it in at the back it’s pulled it in and made it a lovely shape on me. I can’t wait to wear it on the big day with my shoes, veil & tiara, with my hair and make up done nicely! Exciting!!


At the moment we are in the process of buying the gifts and things for the wedding party, I’m really pleased with what we’ve got so far. I likelovebuying gifts for people, getting something you know they’ll like.

We’re trying to get all the gifts sorted now as in May (ahh it’s here already!!) the final payments are due.

Bridesmaid shoe shopping

On Sunday 24th (April) me, mum and my three bridesmaids went shopping in Norwich
We thought it would be nice to make a day of it and go somewhere a bit different.

There are lots of shoe shops in Norwich so we had plenty of choice, which is great as the bridesmaids were all looking for something a little different from one another. Charlotte and Sarah were looking for sandals as Charlotte is quite tall already and Sarah will be heavily pregnant therefore comfort is essential! Roxy on the other hand was looking for heels

Once we’d looked around a few shops we stopped for lunch at GBK and met Auntie Frances.


Once we were refuelled we looked around some more shops!

Sarah picked up some lovely sandals in Primark for £8 they are really pretty and a bargin at that price. They are cream with lovely jems and pearls up the strap. I fancied getting a pair myself haha. Charlotte found some lovely nudey/pink sparkly sandals in Shoe zone for only £7.99 and Roxy found some nice patent, cream strappy heels in Mr shoe outlet for £15!

I’m so glad everyone has found some shoes that they are happy with! That’s one more thing ticked off the list.

we’ve now paid off a few of the final things as a lot are due this month and some don’t require numbers of guests etc.

It’s going to be an expensive month!!

The final guest list
We have now gone past the RSVP deadline so last night me and Tim put together the final guest list. We went through to make sure we had first and surnames for everyone as we need to write place cards sooner rather than later. It’s all coming together now.

I think that’s covered everything! I’m super excited for this weekend as it’s my Hen do!! It’s been kept as a complete suprise from me so I can’t wait to find out what we are doing. I will do a separate blog post on this when I get back.

37 days to go ♡☆

Until next time,
Roseanne 🙂

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