Date night ♡

Yesterday me and Tim decided to have a date night. Tim is very busy with work at the moment and we havnt had much opportunity to spend time together so, we took the evening off and went to see a film and have dinner.

The films started at 6.40pm so we watched it before eating. We went to see Eye in the sky (2016). It’s a suspense thriller starring Helen Mirran and the late Alan Rickman, exploring the morality of modern warfare.


We both really enjoyed the film  and it had you on the edge of your seat numerous times.

Apart from a good trailer I also wanted to see this film because it was Alan Rickmans last live action performance before he died, he was brilliant in it.

After the film we made our way to Nandos (One of our favourite places to eat out) and ordered some dinner.


It was super delicious!


In fact our starter of Red pepper dip with warm pitta bread was so good we gobbled it before I could take a picture haha.


I had the butterfly chicken, Mango & lime, with a side of spicy rice and salad.


Tim had a double chicken breast wrap, mango and lime with a double side of garlic bread and perinase.

So yummy!

It was a lovely evening and I love spending time with my favourite ♡

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

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