Wedding update no 2! ♡

So, on Sunday my bridesmaids (my twin sister, older sister & bestfriend) came round to help me with some crafty wedding bits.


The bridesmaids
(Charlotte, Roxy & Sarah)
I got it all ready into different boxes for each of us to tackle.

Box 1: Decopage


Sarah (my twin) was on decopage duty. I had found some little letters to spell out Mr & Mrs and some cute, and colour scheme appropriate, paper in the Norwich hobbycraft.


Box 2: Labels

Pinterest has been AMAZING for wedding ideas, be it decorations, invites, flowers or even dresses. I found some really cute labels to personalise for each guest, this was Roxy (my bestfriends) job.

Box 3: Centrepieces


As I brought some of the bits for these on Saturday when I was in town I tackled these. These were another pinterest idea and as I love making things these were perfect, they’re a bit different and really pretty… 2 down, 11 to go!

Here’s a link to the tutorial of how to make these:

Last, but not least…

Box 4: invites

My older sister Charlotte  was on invites on Sunday and we managed to make loads! I changed my mind slightly  from the original idea that I had as I wanted something a bit simpler, more classic and neat.
So we’ve taken some bits away, added a bit of lace and I’m really excited to get these ready to send out in February 🙂

As me and Charlotte work at the same school we have been making invites at lunch time, we’ll have them done in no time!

Thanks for reading,  it would be great if you could comment below and let me know what you think.

Until next time, 
Roseanne 🙂

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